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VIP Escorts Loving Service in Mumbai

I sit on the metro station and wait for the metro early in the morning because I go to attend a meeting. Then a hot and sexy girl come to me and asked about the nest metro I told that I also go there if you don’t mind, sit with me. And she asked about me and she enjoy with me and then metro come and we sit in the metro so we are continue to talking and then she told me that she come to her clients because she provide escorts service in the Mumbai.

This is the best moment of my life because I sit with my girlfriend and I told that I go to attend a party if you are free then we gave me company. She became ready and we reached at the hotel and where she changed her dress and when she come in new dress I become surprise because no one told that she is independent escorts in Mumbai. I take her and reached in the meeting where we final the deal and then we go to attend a party and everyone want to talk with her and she is only stand with me. In the party we take a lot of fun then we go from there in the evening. To reach at hotel we take our keys and reached with her in my room and she is so happy to attend VIP party. She goes in the bathroom and bath because she became so tired and when she comes to open her hair and smile face.

I go to near her and give her huge. Her soft and sexy skin attract me to love and I press her Google and she closed her eyes, I take her in my hand and come to bed and start to remove her clothes one by one and now she is sleep nude and me and I start to kiss her and her sexy voice come and make me excited every time and she enjoy of this moment and her clean and soft pink part in front of me and I start to play with her and her sexy voice now change in cry when I star to love with her and her red chip and lips make me so romantic when I love with her.

She give me full support, and come to on my body she prove that she is the best independent escorts in Mumbai and her many position of love all type increase my fun. We reached on the top of pleasure, then she is in my arms and her hot breath make my entertainment and then we take some rest and full night this enjoyment in continue.

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