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Best models are working on Love From Delhi to Mumbai

I meet girl in the train when I come from Delhi to Mumbai. She is belonging to Mumbai and go there to attend any meeting in the Mumbai. In the compartment only we are and no one in the compartment than I things that they come at the next station but when no one come. We see to each other because we are unknown for each other but after sometime we start to talking to each other and she told that she job in mnc and she come here to attend a meeting with her friend but she is go to different train and that train no other ticket available.

So I going by this train, I told about myself than we share a lot of things and I make her a of fun and then I she told that she work part time job in escorts service in Mumbai because she want to spend his life with her style so she want to meet always hunger and respectful people that is the reason we is in high post in her company and her boss is her big lover then he send her to attend many meetings to listen her bold and sexy talk I become so excited and take her hand in my hand she come to my sheet and I saw her face and she closed her eyes and I start to give French kiss to her and her hand reached to my parts and then I close all the lights of compartment and she start to give me enjoyment to take his in her mouth ant I feel that I am in the heaven after that we reached in the 69 position and I take a lot of fun with her in full way. I love her many time in the train after that when i reached with independent escorts in Mumbai.

I go with her at my farmhouse and to reached there we take some food and we are hunger of real love because in the train we could not complete our full wishes so after that we go in the bathroom and where I star to play with independent escorts and she give me full support to take enjoyment with her and full time we are nude at my farmhouse and her sexy and clean body which I not see in the train now she is at my front of and I take her in my arm and start to love with her and she give me full support on this and we reached on the top of joy and that time she come in my arm and we go the best at rest position and when our eyes open that time sun rises and we only see to each other faces.

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